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Teacher Linus


Director and Lead Teacher

Linus’ life passion is working with preschoolers and supporting them as they grow into their authentic selves. They have worked with little ones in nature-based environments for the past 13 years and have experienced so much joy from it. As a white, queer, trans person, they are very passionate about supporting preschoolers on their journeys to developing a strong sense of self and providing an environment where everyone’s identities are celebrated.

Linus received their BA in Early Childhood Education at The Evergreen State College in 2013. While they were studying different pedagogies in school, they stumbled upon Forest Kindergartens. The idea of kids learning through nature in a play-based and child-led environment inspired them and reminded them of their childhood experiences in nature and how influential and educational they were.

Throughout their career, they have spent countless hours working at outdoor schools throughout the PNW, gathering the knowledge and experience necessary to begin their own school. With a strong passion, teaching philosophy, and joy for working with youth, they began running Little Wildlings in Seattle in 2020.

Teacher Yamina


Teacher Assistant

Yamina is Bengali, a carabiner carrier, and a lifelong learner. They have enjoyed working with infants, children, and families for over a decade, from daycare support & nannying to summer literacy programs & K-12 tutoring


In 2022, Yamina earned their B.A. in Sociology & Gender Studies at the University of Florida. There, they learned that preschool is a critical period for cognitive development and identity formation, during which children may need support identifying feelings, building confidence, and communicating with peers. Yamina's passions for encouraging youth self-expression, breaking generational curses, & collectively inquiring about the world around us ultimately drew them to early childhood education.


They are so excited to be a part of the Little Wildlings adventure— where education transcends the classroom, and the organic nature of child-led, play-based learning challenges traditional bounds set on imagination and creativity. 


Outside of school, Yamina likes handcrafting earrings, skateboarding, playing soccer, reading with their niece, and birding with loved ones, both human and feline.




Administrative Assistant/Class Librarian

Micah is a librarian by day and the Little Wildlings admin assistant by night. They love picking out books for the class and are committed to making sure that our values are reflected in the books we read. When you reach out to us, you’re most likely to hear back from Micah first!

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